The awards will be judged using a combination of quantitative and qualitative basis using independent performance data from Morningstar and analysis by a judging panel of leading fund analysts and researchers.

Boutique and specialist active groups and Passive Asset managers will be invited to nominate themselves for categories and will be required to complete a short questionnaire which will focus on the investing culture of the groups.

They can nominate funds in the individual categories, and these nominations will be considered by the panel, to see if they are appropriate. Funds must have a minimum track record of 1 year by the 30th April 2018, although the judges will greater weight to funds with a minimum of a 3 year track record by 30th April 2018. Funds which make the final shortlists will be subjected to a statistical analysis looking for consistency of returns, before final consideration by the judging panel.

Deadline to submit Monday 25th June.

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